Basement Flat below the Bungalow, to sleep 4.

The Basement below the Bungalow is actually a slight misnomer, as its window views makes it feel more like the second floor – by dint of the sloped hill-side site. It encompasses two bedrooms, both with en-suite bathrooms with shower / WC.

The balcony leading from the combined kitchen/lounge can also be accessed via a stairway from the spacious ground-level terrace in front of the Bungalow.

The entrance from the hallway leads directly to the swimming pool, or via the stairway into the ground floor lounge area.

The shower and WC are accessed via the bedroom.

Two adjacent bedrooms to sleep 4, each with en-suite showers / WCs.

Berlin graphic designer Tabea Wachsmuth has created modern interpretations, mounted as composite crop circle pictograms, from the owner’s extensive art collection.

Crop circle research and the secrets being held about U.F.O.s are just two of the owner’s passions.

Combined kitchen/lounge with a sofa and Isfahan carpet. The chairs set at the dining table were manufactured in Piet Hein Eek’s workshop in Eindhoven.

The balcony can be reached either from the combined kitchen/lounge or via steps leading from the garden.

Photos of the WC / shower next to the combined kitchen/lounge and stairway. The painting is an authenticated 19th century copy of “The Holy Family and a Parrot”, by Peter Paul Rubens. The original painted, ca 1613-15, is housed in Antwerp.