Mas Companyó
Mas Companyó
5 Google reviews
Emanuel Rothenbücher
Emanuel Rothenbücher
Wer die Natur liebt und die Einsamkeit. Und nicht Luxus sucht ist hier am richtigen Ort. 10km entfernt zum nächsten Ort. Wir sind das dritte Mal hier.
Walter Russell
Walter Russell
A wonderful stylish guesthouse for groups plus a fantastic eco- and permaculture project in the forest and hills. Even a small chapel. Weddings, seminars, retreats, vision-quest ....
Winfried Geyer
Winfried Geyer
Was gibt es Besseres zum Relaxen?
Meister Wetofeng Junior
Meister Wetofeng Junior
Traumhaft schön gelegenes Feriendomizil mitten in der Natur - Wald, Sonne, Ruhe.
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Welcome to Mas Companyo

Located near Céret, at the foothills of the Pyrenees, Mas Companyo is ideal for families and groups up to 14 guests, offering a peaceful setting that emphasizes living in tune with nature. It provides a quiet environment for relaxation, promoting sustainable living. Accessible by car, Mas Companyo is a serene place where guests can enjoy the beauty and tranquility of a natural lifestyle.

Stay at the Grand Mas

Enjoy comfort and privacy in the Grand Mas, our main house, with the option to expand by adding the Petit Mas for up to 14 guests

Explore THE Guesthouse

Adventure’s Gateway

Discover the charms of Céret and the vibrant culture of the region. Mas Companyo is your gateway to the Pyrenees’ wonders and memorable local experiences.


Mas Companyo was the perfect escape. Between the mountains and the sea, we found peace and adventure at the same time. Unforgettable!

Sophia & Maik, Guests

Flexible accommodation for Every Need

Mas Companyo

  • 1-14 Guests
  • 7 Bedrooms
  • 7 Bathrooms

Mas Companyo guesthouse, with its enchanting blend of natural beauty and cultural richness, offers an ideal destination for individuals and groups alike, making it a perfect choice for intimate gatherings, cultural explorations, and serene getaways.